How do I cook Mexican tomales already in a husk.?

My neighbor gave me a bag of tomales that are in husks. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t know how to cook them. Should I steam them? Do they need any sauce on them?


  1. If they’re raw, yes, you have to steam them, but I doubt that she gave you raw tamales.
    To reheat them, you can steam them again (best choice), or put them in the oven, or in a fry pan, always in their husks.

    Eduardo G
  2. Yes, they should be steamed. Make a sauce from chorizo sausage by adding a can of chili sauce (heated) to it and spread over the tamales. Sprinkle with mild, shredded Cheddar Cheese, finely chopped onions and shredded lettuce. Yummy!

  3. Very nice neighbor! Home made tamales are delicious. Steam them. You don’t need any sauce on them unless they come out dry. They shouldn’t be dry. If they are, put some chile on them. Enjoy!

    curious connie

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