How do I improve my Spanish accent as apposed to a Mexican accent?

I’m totally white but I can speak spanish better than anyone (except the mexicans) in my high school spanish class, but my teacher teaches mexican spanish, so my accent is horribly mexican sounding (and american too of course). I want to sound like I’m from Spain or Argentina.


  1. Then you have to listen to people talking in that accent. Watch shows/movies from Argentina or Spain with Spanish subtitles so you can read the words in Spanish while hearing how they’re pronounced.

  2. there is not such thing as mexican spanish. I do not think your professor is teaching you any mexican accent and I highly believe you have an American accent even though you can speak spanish. If you really think you have a mexican accent then watch movies from spain or something.

  3. Try watching Spanish TV shows or Argentinian "telenovelas".

    But, if you are used to Mexican accent, at first it would be a bit difficult to catch some word and phrases.

    Americo G
  4. People from Spain make a lispy "th" sound that doesn’t exist in Latin American Spanish, like when they pronounce z, and the c that is placed before the letters e and i in a word. I think that’s a start.

    Sincere Karma
  5. Sorry, Argentina has not the same accent from spain.(There is 10000 km of distance) is like american english to british english. We can understand, but is diferent. For example in spain "you" on formal person we say "usted" and argentinian says "vos".

    If you speak mexican spanish, we can understand (very good), but if you want improve your accent you can see spanish tv, movies, radio…

  6. Diana, “he means horribly mexican sounding” because most mexicans living here in the states come from a very low economic bracket in Mexico. Why do you think they chose to jump the border? The rich (white) Mexicans dont need to come to the states, they are well off and have tons of servants…The mexicans here DO talk with a terrible accent….No mames gueyyyyyy, orale pendejoooooo….they sound like idiots. When you hear someone from Argentina talk, its beautiful. In beverly hills for example, if there is a mexican standing in line talking to a friend or on the cellular, you dont even pay attention..But here, when an Argentine is speaking aloud, people turn their heads to look because it sounds exotic, Italianesque…Diana stick to your mexican slang and we will stick to our great accents.

    Enrico Fabiano
  7. I am an Asian, living in Southern CA. I have many Mexican friends, co-workers… and most of them are quite lovely. But I have to agree that the Mexicans here speak horrible Spanish. It sounds so unattractive and common, and that has discouraged me from wanting to study Spanish despite constantly hearing that Spanish is such a beautiful language, etc. But I have made up my mind to study it at last, already bought books and dictionary and DVDs and all. I do believe there are other places in the world where people would do Spanish justice.

  8. There is no one accent for Spain, nor Argentina, etc. It depends a lot on the region people come from. It is like saying I want to have American accent… well people from Texas speak very different from Bostonians.

    I’m from Argentina – grew up in the Buenos Aires province. I have a very different accent than my friends from Cordoba (the province from Argentina – not the Spanish region). Other Spanish speakers often confuse “Argentinean accent” with Buenos Aires accent.

    Also, like Francisco said, in Spain there are other languages, and this in turn also affects the accent.

    If you want to pick-up how people speak Spanish in Argentina and Spain, hire or buy any of the movies in the following listings:

  9. Wow! I guess it’s all a matter of preference when it comes to accents:Mexican, Argentinian, Peruvian, Castillian, etc. You all forget that even in these countries there are people that use SIMPLE/COMMON Spanish. Wow! It really surprises me to hear such comments on here, so full of hatred/dislike towards a group of people. NO ONE ACCENT IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER, IT IS JUST A PREFERENCE IN ACCENT. This is so funny because that’s what I hear people say about an American accent. The proper accent is the Brittish accent, NO WAY! Again it is just a matter of preference. So if you want to learn a new language just pick an accent and stay away from making such negative comments. This is all unnecessary negativity.


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