How do I learn Mexican?

Hey, I go to a school where a lot of kids speak Mexican, and I can’t understand them! I can only interact with American-speaking individuals such as myself. How do I learn the Mexican languages, I wish they just speek American, but they can’t tough it? Thanks
Tanaka, I mean Mexican as in the lanauge


  1. Make friends with some of them, and ask them to tutor you. Maybe find someone who wishes to learn English better, and trade tutoring with them 🙂

    It is hard to learn the Mexican dialect formally, because most courses focus on Castillian Spanish.

  2. Ask them to teach you the names of things and how to say them.
    Write down what they say. Buy a dictionary. Download the free iTunes application from the internet. There are free podcasts and radio programs.
    Otherwise, do a class or get coaching.

  3. What do you mean with mexican language? I don’t get it, Mexico has a lot of languages, spanish, nahuatl, maya, etc.

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  4. Mexicans are from the country of Mexico and speak the language of Spanish.

    Just like Americans are from America(US) and speak the language of English.

    Take classes in school.

  5. Are you for real? You don’t speak American, you speak English. They are most likely speaking Spanish. There are lots of language-learning programs out there, you probably haven’t found the right kind yet because you’re looking for "Mexican" which doesn’t exist. Look for one for "Spanish."


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