how do i learn to speak fluent spanish as quickly as possible?

i really want to speak spanish fluently and asap.
i’ve been taking it for two years at school and i really like it.
i’ve been watching movies in spanish a lot lately.
i’ve been translating random things all the time lol
i’ve even downloaded some spanish songs.
i don’t really have any fluent speaking friends or family.
what do you recommend to pick up on it faster?


  1. I dono what grade you are in school, but you could just continue taking it and then either major or minor (if you have a different major in mind) in spanish in college if you plan on going. If not, you can continue taking non-credit classes at a community college and it’s usually really cheap compared to bigger universities. You could also read childrens books in spanish from the library. Maybe watch a Spanish children’s show/cartoon? Good luck it’s always wonderful to learn new languages 🙂


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