How do i learn to speak spanish like a native?

I’m currently in spanish 2 at school and would like to know if there was an easier way to learn spanish along with school. I heard looking at spanish news. With all the verbs and parts of speech, how did you all learn to speak it fluently, and how long did it take?


  1. Well, about the first question, move to Madrid and stay there for five years.
    Concerning the second question, I learnt Spanish by listening to the people.
    How long ? Well, I am still learning. Personally I believe that you never stop learning, as long as you keep an open mind

    Dios es amor
  2. Try watching television in spanish. Or you can try watching some of your favorite movies in spanish. Or you can do like me and just move down to Mexico for a couple of years!

  3. If you’re over twelve, chances are that the best level you can ever hope to reach in Spanish is near-native competence – which would still be great!

    That said, I think the best way to make good progress in a foreign language is a balanced combination of formally studying the language (i.e. grammar etc.) and practicing with native speakers – ideally at least part of the time in a situation where you don’t have a choice of which language to use: this should create bigger incentive and motivation.

  4. You could get some audio books or cd’s with teaching spanish. You could also if you had satelittle TV you can get or have Spanish channels other than cnn elspaniol. Might be able to rent something from the library.

  5. Right now I am learning Mandarin Chinese, but to learn a language you can not rely completely on your language class.
    Here are some tips that can help you become fluent in Spanish.

    1. Get a self-study spanish couse at a book store. I highly advise you get one with tapes. Here is the kit I reccomend (check sources first link).

    2. Go to language exchange sites such as the mixxer (you can google it). Simply fill out a profile and people will be contacting you VERY soon to practice. This works best if you have skype, a free internet calling program.

    3. To practice vocaculary I suggest using flash cards. Just google an english-spanish dictionary and make some flash cards on words you would like to know.

    4. Remember to try to use your skills as much as you can. Talk to workers at mexican restauraunts or just some spanish speaking friends.

    I hope this helped.

  6. Go live in a country where the language is spoken and stay away from English speakers as much as you can. You might make it. That’s what I did and people frequently think I’m Mexican.

  7. I do appreciate yuor question, is a serious one.

    You need to start by thinking in Spanish,… is you can, watch TV in Spanish, listen to Spanish music, try to make friends that speak Spanish, bottom line… is a 24/7 thing.

    I speak Spanish, because my parents only spoke Spanish, but… i learn Portuguese, at work, they only speak Portuguese… i am at work about, 10 hours a day… get the picture… even the TV channels here, for the news are in Portuguese.

    Good luck.

  8. Like you already mentioned, watching news in Spanish. Interacting with native speakers and most importantly living in a latin country. Go to Mexico or Spain and live there for a while. There’s nothing like actually experiencing the language first hand! You can study abroad there or live there for a while.


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