How do I learn to speak spanish within a month?

I’m going to visit orphans in Mexico and need to learn spanish by then. I already know some and understand quite a bit I just need to expand my vocabulary and learn how to speak it better.


  1. Luckily you are visiting with children so you only need to be able to communicate on a certain level. I would go to the library and check out some children’s books in Spanish. Read them aloud to yourself to get used to the difference in accents. Some of the books even have English and Spanish translations.

    I recommend "Buenas Noches, Luna" or "Good Night, Moon" for a start.

  2. The very best way is to find people who speak spanish and talk to them – they will be a geat help to you. They will give you feedback, help your accent, and give encouragement.
    If you don’t practice on real live people it will be difficult to perfect the language.

  3. You won’t be fluent,
    But I heard the best way to learn, is to just go there. the human mind can pick up on change quite rapidly. But in the mean time, find a tutor, or get an english/spanish dictionary.

    Good Luck, Give the little ones a hug for me 🙂

  4. The best way to be honest (for it has worked for me also) is too memorise verbs and verb endings (especially the irregular verbs since they are used the most in the language), when to use ser and estar etc. Once you know those basic, fundamental elements (and a whole range of vocabulary in general), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to speak Spanish fluently by then. It’s seems harder than it actually is but trust me, if you’re devoted enough, the learning of verbs may take even as little as two weeks to learn.
    When learning a whole new language, you have to be passionate about it; once you love and enjoy it, then there should be no worries whatsoever.

    I hoped that helped.

  5. I learned Turkish in a month. I worked an 84 hour week with turkish co-workers for a month and a half, by a month’s time, i was fully involved with there conversations in turkish. Sure i wasnt as fast, and i dotn have an infinite vocabulary, but if i were to be swept to turkey right now i could get around just fine.
    Youve gotta immerse yourself in the language.

    Christian M

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