How do I make this Mexican girl in my class understand that Iberian Spanish is the root of Mexican Spanish?

There is a Mexican girl in my class and we got into an argument about variants of the Spanish language. She says that Mexican Spanish isn’t Spanish and that if a Mexican goes to Spain that the Spaniard and the Mexican won’t understand each other. I understand that pronunciation is a little bit different, and I also know that Mexican Spanish has indigenous pre-Spanish Mexican words added to it, but I know it’s not a completely different language.


  1. Tell her that Spaniards colonized Latin America that’s is why most of them speak Spanish I say make her research the origin of Mexican Spanish it will certainly trace back to Spain I mean it’s in the freaking name Mexicans and other Hispanics speak a different dialect from the proper Spanish speakers in Spain It’s been hundreds of years since they colonized Mexico so DUHHH!!! the Spanish is going to be different and plus people in different parts of the world may speak the same language as others but it’s their version like I can’t understand what Nigerians say but they are in fact speaking English

  2. mexican spanish comapared with spanish is like british english and us english.. it maybe have some different words and meanings but is kind of similar.. tell her that 😛

  3. Hello,

    I took Spanish from Chilean teachers. I understand Mexicans and vice versa; I understand Spanish and vice versa. Some words are pronounced differently, may have a different meaning from country to country and Spanish will use a more formal "you" , vosotros. All this is similar to the Queens English vs Aussie vs Appalachia vs Canadian English etc.


    Michael Kelly

    Mike K
  4. Spanish language, in his universal form, is called Castillian Spanish (Castellano).

    No matter if you"re Spaniard, Colombian, Mexican Argentinian, Cuban, etc…

    They all speak the same language.

    The only difference is the accents and some vocabulary.

    For example, for a car, in Venezuela they use the word "carro", in Spain they use the word "coche".

    Just like in English, there are differences, but they understand each other and they can handle a conversation ( Americans, Britons, Australians, etc)

    The Destruktor of trolls
  5. you are right. Mexican Spanish is like American English. They sound different to original english or spanish but they are the same language. Or course, a brit can understand american english in the same way that we spaniards can understand mexicans.


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