How do I remember how to speak Spanish?

I’m currently in the process of learning Spanish. I learned a bit of Spanish in high school…then I promptly forgot. Now I’m going through multiple Spanish classes in college and things are coming back to me, but I really don’t want to forgot how to speak Spanish again. I’d also like to reach some level of fluency.

How do I keep from forgetting the language? I don’t have any friends who regularly speak Spanish, so that’s not an option.


  1. Little an often. Speaking and hearing it often is more constructive than doing it for hours but only once a week or so. I suggest you watch TV in Spanish, or on youtube. Even if you don’t understand all of it, it will keep your mind tuned into it.

    Something you can do to expand your vocabulary: stick post-it notes on things aorund the house with their Spanish names; every time you use an item or look at it, say the word in Spanish. When you’ve completely learned the name of a particular object, remove the post-it. Keep doing this until all the post-its are gone. Eventually your vocabulary will be good enough that you won’t need these prompts, so when you’re reading something in English, stop every once in a while and pick out a word and translate it in your mind. Some people who do this consistently over a period of time eventually find themselves translating the sentences in their head at the same time as they read.

    Like I said: little and often. Don’t set yourself unattainable goals, any little thing to keep your mind agile is good enough.

  2. reading spanish books, magazines, news anything that is in spanish..

    si lees esas cosas puede ser que nada se te olvide 🙂
    ^^^ SPANISH ! lol

  3. Watch tv, youtube, etc. in it, listen to music in it, .. read magasines and newspapers. See if there is a cultural organisation in your area for those people that speak or have an interest in the language. Your high school teacher inevitably has contacts as well.

  4. exactly, expose yourself to as much of the language as you can. For example, TV, films, music, books, newspapers, magazines. This is all real life Spanish too, and so is much more realistic than just reading theory or answering questions from a text book. if you have the opportunity to do any exchange and actually go to Spain and stay with a family for a week, then do it. I did this years ago and never looked back. One of my best friends is now one of the girls I met, and I regularly use my Spanish talking to her


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