How do I speak spanish better?

I’ve been taking spanish in school for five years and I still can’t speak it well. I’m better at writing/reading it. When the teacher says something in spanish I can’t understand her, but when I’m working on a worksheet, it makes perfect since to me. How do I speak it better?


  1. well, 5 years isn’t enough for you to master a language.
    i’ve been learning chinese since i was 4 and i’m still lousy at it.
    learning and mastering a language takes time.
    if you need more help outside school hours,
    you could take extra classes.

    regardless, all the best in your pursuit to improve your spanish.

  2. You have to practice practice practice.. and when you get the chance try to speak it. read books, and go visist a country where they only speak spanish.

  3. Hello! I recommend you to go to : . It’s a a website for Language Exchange and try to chat audio a lot 🙂 I have the same problem so we simply need to talk … and read as much as we can . Good luck!
    p.s. I study Spanish too , i am a beginner you think we could help each other? Thanks


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