how do i speak spanish in german?

And I mean the langauge spanish in german? i can speak french in russian and japanease in canadian but not spanish in german.

Please help. im being serious.

And whats unfriendable? i heard its a site where i can buy pet lizards and milk for 2 sence. thx alot
I’m a boy if that helps.
Also where does cactus juice come from?


  1. Well you need to find a cactus and find its little udders, which look like needles and milk it. That’s cactus juice. Unfriendable is actually a dancing cow that likes to sneak into people’s rooms at night and stare at them. They die from the intensity of the stare. He has no friends because he stares at them all and they explode. To speak Spanish in German you need to drink a gallon of cactus juice and stand by Unfriendable while he is wearing magic sunglasses that protect you from his stare. You will thus be granted the ability to speak Spanish in German.


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