How do you feel about mexican spanish? Why can't they speak spanish correctly?

I feel they say a lot of wrong stuff like abuja for aguja- rompido for roto, nadien for nadie and that’s just for starters!
pityakk- they do not speak "a different sort of spanish" tons of their words aren’t even found in the freaking dictionary!
asaih- your a moron Spanish is Spanish incorrect spanish is spoken by fools- got it?
Just as english must be spoken correctly or others will deem you a fool!
Hurry- correct english , correct german, correct french and correct spanish THAT MEANS NO INVENTED WORDS THAT DON’T EXIST!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
Mona- that’s my point lack of freaking simple elementary education!
zola- I’m a beautiful latina with european ancestry. I speak both languages perfectly without an accent–love your mex. so much go back and stay there.
Lahooto- that isn’t true all my latin american brothers and sister Peru, Equador, Columbia, Spaniards, Venezulans, Argentinian, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and many MORE speak correctly except these us mexicans!
pitty- The Spaniards invaded and colonized EVERY Latin American country! and we’re not crying about it like the mex.
Lahi- Caribbean spanish have a different way of pronouncing they drop their s’s just like east coasters- EVERY SPANISH COUNTRY HAS A DISTINCNT WAY OF SPEAKING
BUT, correct usage of simple vocabulary is BASIC- It’s basic spanish period.


  1. They speak a different sort of Spanish. They are a people who were invaded & conquered and took on the language of their oppressors.
  2. 1. Ask no one other than a mexican because they can speak for themselves.
    2.Why do you care? Stay out of other people’s business. They can speak how they wanna.
    3. As long as others can understand then it is fine.

  3. Who says they are not speaking correctly? And I’m sure they can understand each other just fine, which is the point of language anyway. I would love for you to define what "correct Spanish" is. Different words don’t make it wrong.

    EDIT: Words are invented all the time. Shakespeare used hundreds of invented words, are you saying Shakespeare couldn’t speak English? If words are not invented that did not previously exist, for instance "computadora" then no new words can be made, and then all new inventions like air conditioning, computer, car, etc. would have to be renamed or not named at all.

    Hurry Up!
  4. Telemundo had an international conference several years ago because some phrases meant different things in different places, confusing the news reports.
    I’d bet , that the Spanish espanole speakers don’t speak correctly.

  5. The examples you wrote are produced by a lack of education, it’s just how parents teach their kids, but that doesn’t mean all Mexicans speak like that. It’s wrong but it’s not general, it’s just like when someone says "I ain’t no idiot" or "Should of" instead of "should have/should’ve" it’s just a matter of education, happens in every language and every country.

  6. YOU feel like we speak wrong. r u some freakin espanol or something? this is the way we talk y no hay nada de malo. at least you can understand what we say

    AgUiLa 101
  7. I couldn`t care less.
    Stop stealing territory from Mexico.

    Zoila supports her latin american brothers.

    Ugly yankee!!!

    Chinga tu madre, guacala, fea gringa!

    Zoila cerda Grande
  8. Why can’t Americans speak English correctly? I mean they say "ain’t" and they forget very often to add words like "of" and that’s just for starters!
    I perceive strong racism in your comment, why do you generalize about Mexicans? Other countries (i.e. Spain, Peru, Chili, etc.) have people that don’t speak Spanish correctly as well.
    Also, there are tons of words that you won’t find in the dictionary, you can’t speak like a book for the rest of your life.
    EDIT: Again, you’re making invalid generalization, the fact that probably your nearer to Mexico than to the other Spanish-speaking countries may be the cause of you hearing so many wrong speaking Mexicans, I can tell just for remembering that I’ve heard Cubans forget to pronounce the ending "s" of the words like Cubano’ instead of Cubanos, and Argentinians changing the sounds of the words and changing the correct tenses "podés" instead of "puedes" that is NOT a correct tense, and I won’t even mention Chilean and their completely different Spanish, you won’t tell me that Mexicans are the only people that speak Spanish, do you speak a 100% perfect Spanish? I don’t think so, because there isn’t even a correct one, if you think "podés" is correct then "nadien" is correct too, so you must accept the fact that you’re doing the wrong generalization just telling from the friends you have and not from the whole population of a country.

  9. 1) I don’t know where you are but I’m almost positive that you’re in the United States. I won’t even say "most" immigrants but many immigrants (including legal and illegal immigrants, Mexicans, other Hispanics/Latinos and others of non-Hispanic/Latino origins) who come to the US often have little to no education, not to mention money. Some are [nearly] illiterate in their own language as adults which makes learning English extremely difficult. For these reasons, they may not be well-versed in their native language. That doesn’t not mean, however, their language (in this case, Spanish) isn’t "good". Every language and every accent is equally valid and good.

    2) The Spanish language as spoken and writte in various parts of the United States is.. crap. It’s been heavily influenced by English. It’s not as authentic (and certainly not proper!) as that of countries where Spanish is the official language used by the majority – in schools, media, business/commerce, etc.

    3) Even within Latin America and Spain, dozens and dozens of ways of speaking Spanish exist.

    4) In any given language, you’re likely to encounter differences (sometimes very different that the spoken vs. written language are easily categorized as two separate languages) in the casually spoken vs. formally written language. This goes true for the street Spanish you’ll hear in the US.

    5) Languages are living things and people move around. The languages evolve and change over time.


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