How do you feel about people who speak Spanish in public?

I think people here should just speak English. That’s not too much to ask. If they dont want to then they should leave. Im tired of feeling like a stranger in my own country.


  1. I think they have every right to do so.

    If you moved to a foreign country you’d want to speak to your relatives or fellow Americans in English, wouldn’t you?

    So long as they KNOW english I don’t see the problem.
    If they spoke it in your presence when you were involved in the conversation I could understand your annoyance, because they would be being rude.
    If they’re with other people of their own culture why not?

  2. Who cares what they are speaking when they are talking to themselves, but I don’t think that businesses should have to provide spanish speaking customer service to people who don’t know english. I am tired of hearing "para espanol oprima el numero 1" or "to continue in english press 1". Everyone should be required to know english! and if you don’t then your just SOL!!!!!!

    Sleeves McGavin
  3. Who cares, go to Mexico speak in english with an other guy and all the mexicans will look at you like if you were weird.And besides alot of the inmigrants cant speak english very well and to ask a question or something like that they need to ask in their own language.Is not that easy to learn another language specialy starting from cero.Why dont you leave if you hate them so much, you will have to live around them like it or not.

    Con dudas, respuesta y bonita
  4. What the hell do I care? Yes, I do think if a person is living in any country, they should have a working knowledge of the language/languages of that country. I just think it’s the best way to go far and not be taken advantage of and to really be a part of your new chosen country. I, for instance, would not feel comfortable living in say France without re-studying French. But when you’re out in public or at home among friends and family, how the hell does this affect me or you?

    And I’m assuming by "my own country" you are speaking of the US. Well, not to be too technical or anything, but if you are not 100% Native American, you are not really in "your own" country.

    Jareth's Trousers
  5. Well for one this is a free country and you can speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, or any other language you choose. I’m not saying u shouldn’t know English, I’m just saying one has the right to speak Espanol also if they want to. Why do you feel like a stranger, you know some people who know english a lot of the time also speak spanish and can understand perfectly what you are saying even if u think that they don’t.

  6. Why should it bother you unless you want to eavesdrop? You’re like everybody who complains about people talking on their cell phones in public. The real reason it pisses you off is that you can’t listen in on all of the conversation. Grow up. Do you complain about deaf people signing to each other too?

  7. To speak spanish in the USA is not a crime. I guess they weren’t speaking to you, so you didn’t mind it.

    You should learn spanish indeed, it’s the second language spoken in the USA beside english 🙂 …

    TYRONE! reloaded!!
  8. Speak Spanish in public where? What do you mean by "here"? Here for me is England, and we don’t care what language people speak in public, because this is not the Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China; last I heard, Americans were pretty proud about living in a "free country" too.

    I have news for you. "Your country" belonged to a whole load of people who didn’t speak English before it "belonged" to you – including communities who spoke Spanish. Are you afraid Spanish-speaking people are talking about you? Don’t flatter yourself…..

  9. What, they should speak Spanish in private ? Dude, wake up, America isn’t the only place on earth. And English isn’t the only language in America either.
    In my country, we call people like you DES CRISS DE TÊTES CARRÉES.

  10. Many countries in the world speak several languages in their own country, so first of all, that concept that the U.S. should only speak one language is very myopic. Second, the U.S. has no official language, so you can speak whatever you wish. I don’t feel any differently when people speak Spanish in public as when they speak English. Why would I?


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