how do you live in LA and not speak spanish?

I see that many people do not speak spanish in LA and I am confused?


  1. I do not live in LA, but I’ve been there numerous times. And the way I see it, there are as many who don’t speak Spanish as those who don’t speak English. The rest of them speak Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch-African… etc.

    Happy Bao
  2. English works fine. Everyone speaks enough of Spanish and English to communicate.

    I do speak Spanish but its lacking. Even Hispanic kids who grew up in LA (and worked places like Olvera St) and have family who spoke a lot of Spanish in the household, don’t necessarily speak Spanish very well.

    So are you still confused?

  3. Easy. All of my coworkers speak English, all of my business is done in English, my friends speak English, my neighbors speak English, street signs are in English, ATM machines are in English, bank employees speak English, grocery workers speak English, fire fighters and the police speak Englisg, restaurant menus are in English unless you go to an ethnic restaurant and then they are bilingual, government forms are in English. On and on and on. English is still the most spoken language in California.

    English is the language of opportunity. Those that choose not to learn it are only holding themselves down.

  4. If someone wants my business they better speak to me in English. People who cannot speak English here in LA are the ones with the handicap, not me. The immigrant community knows English is the language of success and when the LA Unified School District offered a full Spanish curriculum to Hispanic kids, their parents rebelled.

    Therefore, the few that do not know English just do not count and they remnain poor.

    If a place of business has no English speaking staff, I go some place else. Its not like there is a shortage of places in LA to buy stuff.


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