How do you say, "Hello, I look Mexican" in Spanish? Or Mexican, because they aren't exactly the same?

I know they speak Spanish, but Mexicans speak somewhat differently than in Spain. That’s what I meant.
Yes, I’m a girl.


  1. hehe you are right!, both spanish are so different (written and pronunciation)
    a Spanish (from Spain) would say : "Hola! Os parezco Espanola"
    a Mexican would say: "hola! Parezco Mexicana"

  2. Well I must add my two cents. There is a mexican language wich many also refer to it as nahuatl. The native speakers of this language when asked what is the language they speak, they answer “mexicano” literally meaning mexican(not all answer nahuatl). Aprox. 2million mexicans speak meaxican(nahuatl) & I some day will learn that’s for sure. Also something extra, the “aztecs” did not call their own selfs “aztecs”. They always reffered to their selfs as “mexica”. No doubt about it, the ones who write the history are the winners thus leaving them out & the language they speak or what they are the “winners” are the ones who decided for them. Eso era todo adios


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