how do you say mexican and black couples in spanish?

This is for a blog. I want to know what is the proper way to say this in spanish. Particularly for mexican spanish. Some say negros americanos, afro americanos, o morenos.

I want to say Parejas Mexicanas con Morenas Americanas


  1. In Spain we call black people n3gr0s, and it’s not offensive at all. I suppose in Mexico they do the same. It would be "parejas mexicanas y parejas negras."

    A velas vir
  2. Well. I’d like to give you a short answer.
    Nobody say "Negros Americanos", we actually use to say just "Negros" when talking or having a conversation, because in spanish there is no racial problems when saying negro as black person.
    On TV, for example, it’s common to say "Afro Americanos", but just on TV.
    But in the case of "Black couples" you can say "Parejas Afro Americanas", "Parejas Negras" would sound strange in that case.

    Note that it must be "parejas «afro americanas»" and not "parejas «afro americanos»".


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