How fast do you have to speak spanish?

I have learned to speak it Very well. But I want to know if I have to speak at my slow speed, or do I have to talk fast in it.


  1. well my husband speaks spanish as a first laguage because he is from venzeula and there they spaek spanish really fast, but in places like mexico they speak it long as you can speak it at a staedy pace then it is spoke well.

  2. I agree with Zerobomb. As long as you are able to communicate, you will be fine. I am from Colombia, and I speak really fast in my native language and I guess I do the same thing when I speak in english and sometimes plp don’t understand me.. habla despacio y todos te van a entender, buena suerte!!!

  3. You should speak it the way that is best for you, if you speak it extremely fast but no one can understand you there is no point. The same vice versa, if you speak it really slow and people are starting to fall asleep, then you might want to go faster. Just try to find somewhere in the middle.


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