How hard is it to learn Portuguese if I already speak spanish?

I speak Spanish very well it’s my first language.
How hard will it be?


  1. It won’t be hard, since both languages come from a very big family tree, and they have the so-called mutual intelligibility that even though you don’t know any Portuguese at all, you can still find yourself being able to understand the language. Therefore, it should be easy for you to pick up learning, and the only thing that you should know is you may have a chance to mix two languages up, but as long as you can distinguish them, then I think everything is gonna be fine.

  2. Bueno, aprender Portugues es muy fácil si ya hablas Español, son casi identicos, tan indenticos que un hispanoahablante sin saber Portugues puede entender tal idioma.
    Well, learn Portuguese is very easy if you already speak Spanish, are almost identical, so identical that a hispanic speaker not know Portuguese can understand such language.

  3. Portuguese will slide off your tongue like butter…..Portuguese and Spaniosh are very similar, and you will be able to pick out words easily; Portuguese is basically a croos breed of French and Spanish….and GOOD LUCK! Its good to see that there are still people in the world who crave knowledge

    Ms. Smarta
  4. Which portuguese brazilian or from portugal

    Which spanish latin or from spain

    If you know latin spanish its easy to learn brazilian portuguese since they’re similar to each other a lot of the same words, but pronounced a little different.

    If you know portuguese from portugal you should learn spanish from spain since they’re similar.

    Latin spanish helped me to learn brazilian portuguese.

    It is very easy to learn portuguese if you know spanish.

  5. It should be very easy for you to learn. They are very close cousins of each other because they practically have the same grammar, spelling, etc. I speak Spanish, too. I’m not able to actually read Portuguese, but I can pick out most of the words and translate them into English and Spanish. That’s how easy Portuguese is if you already know Spanish. A Brazilian Portuguese speaker could actually communicate with another Spanish speaker and still understand each other speaking two different languages, even though it might sound a bit fuzzy.

    Good luck. 🙂


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