How hard is to learn french, If someone already speak spanish?

Do the person gets the french accent?


  1. Très facile, j’aime le français!
    It’s pretty easy to learn french for a spanish speaker, the grammar is almost the same, just a few differences but it’s not a big deal.
    And yes, a spanish speaker could get the french accent with time, is easier for us to get it than french speakers to get the spanish accent

  2. I would say it is easy. I don’t speak Spanish, and I thought French was easy. I am now learnin Italian, and I think it’s easy because I already know French. Spanish is another romance language, and I can acutally understand some spanish because I know French, so I think it would be easy. The accent depends on you, on how hard you try to get the french accent. The French letter "r" is very different from the English letter "r" and the Spanish letter "r," and that will probably be the biggest challenge for you.

  3. It shouldn’t be difficult, as they are related Romance languages. Also, many words are quite similar. It would help if the person has an aptitude for learning languages, but if I’m pretty sure that it won’t be hard.

  4. very hard I speak Portuguese and Spanish and French accent totally different

    learn Spanish because you can now speak Portuguese because also and very few things like change

    say that Brazil and the parents of the future

    our grandchildren will have to speak Portuguese and English equal op today widely used!

    and look very different about videos and see how he speaks Spanish and French


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