how has Mexican Spanish influenced American english?

I need to get information about this because I got an essay do for my chicano studies class.
Im not having much luck in finding info.
Help please I realy need to pass this class.


  1. We wouldn’t have words like Huricane or Tornado.

    EDIT: Prashanth doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to tornado. The word originates from the Spanish word "Tronada," which means thunderstorm, which was taken from Latin (tonare-meaning thunder). It’s theorized that it reached its current position by a combination of tronada (thunderstorm) and tornar (to turn).

    C R
  2. A lot of words like TORNADO come from French. (la tornade).

    very few words come from Spanish (Mexican) to American English.

    But the words like burrito, jalapeno, taco etc came from spanish.

    Prashanth L

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