how i learn to speak spanish more fluently?

i have taken spanish since 7th and i am in 10th now
how can i learn to speak it more fluently?
i am only ok i dont remeber much vocab because i only have it 45 mins aday and i dont pay attention as well as i should.
what can i do to help?
are there any websites that can help me?


  1. What I did to learn to do cause half my family i didn’t know is spanish what I did was tryed to speak it as much as posable I looked up websites to Have the english then the spanish version I printed it then all night practis and the I started 1.lerning spanish 2.starting to have a acsent well a spanish acsent!!! I was sooo use to it!hope I helped!!!

  2. order Rosetta Stone it is really useful. i’m really good at Spanish compared to most of my grade. speaking Spanish around your house also really helps.

  3. well you should start by paying attention more…that may help

    theres probably websites that could help you, i don’t know of any good ones. going to a spanish speaking country would help because the only language you would be able to speak is spanish. the only other thing i could think of is to talk to someone who had english as their native language and still speak it often. they could help you.

  4. BBC Website offers language learning courses like how to write and speak italian, I did learned italian thanks to BBC, I also listened to italian songs and also memorized them (like Vivo Per Lei by Andrea Bocelli)and many other songs in which the singer talked very fast, BBC also offers courses to learn spanish.

    hope it helps, it helped for me

    Alberto of Spain

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