How important is for every American to learn Spanish and Mexican culture in the West Wing of the USA?

I refuse to learn English! This is NOT England or Britain!
This is The West Wing! " Aztan " El Suroeste Estadounidense!


  1. It’s as important as it is for Mexicans to learn English and American history.

    We share a lot of history, and a ton of trade and business. Fluency in both of the major languages spoken in one’s hemisphere is a major advantage in life and on the job market, and it’s easier to learn languages young. It should be taught in school.

    The ‘learn English or GTFO’ attitude is childish, ignorant, and borderline racist. Speaking a 2nd language doesn’t somehow jeopardize your national identity. Most French people speak either English, German, or Spanish as a second language (due to their close proximity to those countries), and have done so for generations. Believe me – their national language, culture, and pride hasn’t changed one bit.

  2. in ny state in order to graduate from high school all children must take and complete a foreign language. the most offered and recommended one is spanish. the spanish speaking kids are required to learn proper english. it may not be england or britain but our country originated from an english speaking one so if you want to live here and get along learn english

  3. It is not important for the citizens of the U.S.A. to learn Spanish. However it is very important for those who enter this country to learn English!
    You will not see it any more but there was a president of this country who said " If you come to this country then you need to learn English."
    That president was FDR! Now a days it is much easier to fall into the belief that everyone else must learn the language of those that enter this country. Sorry but you and others came to this country for a reason please learn English and blend into this nation rather than try to force everyone to learn Spanish!
    When I travel to another country I try to learn the language of that country.

  4. America is an English speaking country. Look at our history. If I were to decide to live in Mexico I am sure I would be expected to lean Spanish.

    OMG! What happened to Myan, Aztec, and Inca languages? Do you speak them? Wasn’t that the original languages of Mexico and Central America? Figure that one out.


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