How important is for the Asian people in California, Oregon & Washington to learn Spanish and Mexican culture?


  1. not just asian ppl, but for all americans..if you know the spanish language…your odds of getting jobs are greater since there are a lot of spanish speaking people in america…..unless you live in hawaii where the second highest used language is japanese….

    as for culture…i think it is important to be exposed to different cultures…espically ones that have a high population in the U.S. i think it helps us to understand each other better and respect each others cultures

    i was lucky enough to be exposed to several diferent cultures growing up(living in hawaii, japan, germany, guatamala and other various states in the U.S) and i think it was the best thing my parents did for me

    kandy b
  2. Well it will help with getting a job. Even though its not totally related to your question I’ve noticed that asians speak very good spanish when they learn it pronouncing things much much better compared to a native english speaker.


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