How important is to speak Spanish and understand Mexican culture in the United States of America?


  1. That depends on where you live in the US, and what your business is.

    A computer programmer in Kansas City might not have a lot of market need to learn Spanish. But an insurance agent in Houston would probably do well to learn the language.

  2. I guess if you live in South Florida, Southern California or Arizona it might help but, otherwise, let them learn English and do it our way.
    That’s what every immigrant has had to do.

    gentle giant 2
  3. Its more important that they learn about our culture and language. Were not the ones that busted up in their country. Why should we conform because of a bunch of illegals?

  4. well if your not spanish it may not be important to you . but , i think you have lots more to gain from the knowledge and little to lose other than some time. first , there is the possiblity of increased wages as a bilingual worker. the pride of knowing you speak more than one language. it can also be useful when you hear spanish people talking because they probably wont suspect that you understand them . it can lead to some interesting knowledge. culturally i think adding siestas would be great and increase productivity at work, the selfish reason for me is that there are so many pretty spanish ladies that i want a chance with them . from my experience you really get brownie points when can speak their language.

    Tom R
  5. We should be respectful of Mexican culture in America, but we shouldn’t go out of our way to learn Spanish. If you are going to Mexico, learn to speak the language. If you are going to the United States of America, learn to speak the language. I wouldn’t go to Italy and not know Italian. It is disrepectful to go to a country and not know the basics of their language and a little about their culture. Other than that, we don’t need to know Spanish or a lot about the Mexican culture unless we are interested.

  6. I believe it is very important as the Spanish speaking among us will dominate the culture by the next generation or 2020. That is a fact. They are producing children not aborting them. Presently they are closer to the bottom of the economic scale. In my state (MA) you need to speak Spanish to get a State job in many of the larger cities and towns and we have bilingual teachers.


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