1. quite a few people have learned the language again. ofcourse we have natives, mestizos, and castellanos (whites, full blood spanish). you cants say that Nahuatl is the language of castellanos. and u cant say that all natives spoke Nahuatl either because althought the aztec empire was big, there were also other nations. other tribes such as the chumash from southern california are part of the uto aztecan language family which also includes nations like the apache, pauma, luiseño, gabrilleño, shoshone, comanche, pima, hopi. and those are only a few that i listed. Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona and parts of Mexico. the aztecs had contact with the whites along time before the southwestern part of the US. it was much harder for aztec people to keep their culture alive as they were forced to live in a european society. they had to speak spanish, have christian names, dress like a european. it was easier for other tribes to keep record of the language because they had contact with whites later on in time. however Nahuatl is being taught at campuses like San Diego State University, and in Mexico.

  2. Not all indigenous Mexicans are descendants of Nahuatl-speaking people. There are more than 30 indigenous languages in Mexico, and each language has different regional variants.

    There are more than 1.6 million Nahuatl-speakers in Mexico.

    So, even if I am Mexican and native, Nahuatl is not my language, although I know many words.

    Here are some words I am sure you know, and they are from Nahuatl origin:
    chocolate, coyote, tomato, chilli….


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