How many percent of mexicans can speak mexican?

Not spanish, but their original aztec mayan language? in mexico is it a lost language?


  1. Aztecs and Mayans spoke a different language.

    From what I’ve read, nearly a quarter of those of Mayan descent can speak their language (those who still live on the Yucatan Peninsula).

    William K
  2. I can’t because my Mexican relatives were all mixed into the Spanish population a long time ago, but when we go back to my mom’s hometown there are a lot of natives around there that are huichol(es). The big cities have them too, there are a lot that only speak that and don’t know Spanish. My mom is from Zacatecas. Yucatan Peninsula has them and Chihuahua has some too.

  3. there are 65 Indigenous languages officially registered by the government, but there are more than that.
    here are some and the number of speakers:
    Nahuatl 1,659,026.
    Mayan 892,723
    Mixteco 510,801
    Zapoteco 505,992
    Tzotzil 356.349
    Tzeltal 336.448
    Otomi 327.319
    Totonaco 271.847
    Mazateco 246.198
    Chol 189.599
    Huasteco 173.233
    Chinanteco 152.711
    Mazahua 151.897
    Purepecha 136.388
    Mixe 135.316
    Tlapaneco 119.497
    Tarahumara 87.721
    Zoque 60.093
    etc etc etc…

  4. Ok, the percentage is around 10 % country wide , there is states like the ones in the south that can have a bigger percentage. Is Very much how many of us still live as native americans.

    Nahuatl is the biggest one ( spoken by Aztecs, and most in the center of Mexico) Mayan in the Yucatan Penninsula, and around a 100 more here is some numbers

    Náhuatl (Nahuatlahtolli) 1.659.029
    Maya (Maaya t’aan) 892.723
    Mixteco (Tu’un savi) 510.801
    Zapoteco (Binizaa) 505.992
    Tzotzil (Batz’i k’op) 356.349
    Tzeltal (Batz’il K’op) 336.448
    Otomí (Hñähñü) 327.319
    Totonaco (Tachiwin) 271.847
    Mazateco (Ha shuta enima) 246.198
    Chol (Ch’ol, Laktyan) 189.599
    Huasteco (Téenek) 173.233
    Chinanteco (Tsa jujmí) 152.711
    Mazahua (Jñatio) 151.897
    Purépecha (P’urhépecha) 136.388
    Mixe (Ayüük) 135.316
    Tlapaneco (Me’phaa) 119.497
    Tarahumara (Rarámuri) 87.721
    Zoque (O’de püt) 60.093
    Amuzgo (Tzañcue) 48.843
    Chatino (Cha’cña) 47.762
    Tojolabal (Tojolwinik otik) 44.531
    Popoluca (Tuncápxe) 44.237
    Chontal de Tabasco (Yokot t’an) 43.850
    Huichol (Wixárika) 36.856
    Mayo (Yoreme) 34.770
    Tepehuano (O’dami) 30.339
    Triqui (Tinujéi) 24.491
    Cora (Nayeeri) 19.512
    Popoloca 18.926
    Huave (Ikoods) 16.135
    Cuicateco (Nduudu yu) 15.078
    Yaqui (Yoeme) 15.053
    Kanjobal (K’anjobal) 10.833
    Tepehua (Hamasipini) 10.625
    Pame (Xigüe) 9.768
    Mame (Qyool) 8.739
    Chontal de Oaxaca (Slijuala sihanuk) 5.534
    Chuj 2.143
    Tacuate 2.067
    Chichimeca jonaz (Uza) 1.987
    Guarijío (Warihío) 1.905
    Matlatzinca (Botuná) 1.500
    Chocho (Runixa ngiigua) 1.078
    Pima (O’odham) 836
    Kekchí (K’ekchí) 835
    Lacandón (Hach t’an) 731
    Jacalteco (Abxubal) 584
    Ocuilteco (Tlahuica) 522
    Seri (Cmiique iitom) 518
    Ixcateco 406
    Quiché (Q’iché) 286
    Kakchiquel (K’akchikel) 230
    Paipai (Akwa’ala) 221
    Cucapá (Es péi) 206
    Motocintleco (Qatok) 186

    big bubba
  5. you can find people who live in the mountains who still speak nahuatl, or down by cancun people speak mayan, they come from very closed families, who wont want to learn spanish, , it is a big problem it is a minority i would not go for more than 1 %, they call them diolects.

    Victoria H
  6. mexican is not a language. it is spanich. because mexicans are mixed with spain and mayan indan blood. most all mexican in mexico speek spanich but they also might speek another language as well

    rhonda a

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