How many Puerto Rican and Native American Actors got famous for playing part of a Mexican??

I see in these boards that Puerto Ricans or Native Americans get offended for being called Mexican??

Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican and she got famous playing the part of a Mexican named Selana.

Esai Morales played who is Puerto Rican played the part of a mexicans brother in the movie "La Bamba."

Erik Estrada played the part of a Mexican in the Los Angeles PD called Chips

Lou Diamond Phillips who is native american got famous for playing the part of a Mexican name Richie Valens in La Bamba.

Some native americans played the part of Mexican/Guatemalan indians in Mel Gibson’s movie Acapolicto.

And then they get offended for being called mexicans??

In Florida, all the spanish speaking people are Cubans and carribeans but, Mexicans take the blame because people think that because they speak spanish they are mexican.

Why can’t mexicans be allowed to play the part of mexicans in Hollywood movies??


  1. Hey, it’s the same for Native American actors. There are only a couple movies out there where only Native people play the Native parts in the movie. In fact most are very poor renderings of Native people. It’s called oppression. People of color are not often portrayed in the media. People of color who are trying to make it as actors often play other ethnicities just to get by. I’m not saying I’m supporting this, but I do understand the oppression side of things.

    And people are probably not offended of being called Mexican because they don’t appreciate Latino culture, it is because everyone assumes that if you are brown then you are Mexican. They are mad at the overgenerilization.

    Well, take care.

    RedPower Woman
  2. I agree that many Puerto Ricans tend to be really racists towards Mexicans…

    But be sure that we are not all like that. Mexicans have always taken the brunt of the latin-american struggle… And usually, Puerto Ricans are the ones that have the greatest benefits because we are citizens…

    Julian X

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