how many spanish classes do i need to take to be able to speak fluently?

i’m in in college spn 101 now. would 3 semesters of spanish do the trick or do i need to take more spanish classes to be able to speak spanish really well like a native???


  1. not classes, its years…
    i think its up to how fast you learn it,
    the more you practice it, the better u ger at it
    try watching tv in spanish,reading, and speaking it with people that know spanish

  2. Hello

    I am Mexican and Spanish is very easy, not like the hat so many rules as we read English is pronounced change in the English is not so, is pronounced differently than writing like this, you might say, that is what you fail you can help me tenlo be assured your concerns and I say Spanish is very easy, just selling mexico 2 months minimum and learn ok


    Luis Gerson

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