How much spanish do they speak in belize?

How many people in belize speak spanish as a main language? Do most people speak some english? And are their many major differences between belize spanish and standard Spain/Mexico spanish?


  1. Im From Northern Belize(border with mexico) and We Speak spanish there, Prolly about 60% of the country speaks spanish. My grandmother and some others i know speak Mayan!.The First language there is English so we all speak it(atleast a little) because we were a colony of britain. Belize is the only country in central america(not the caribbean) that has english as the first language. Spanish isnt taught in schools, English is though! its mandatory!! But the language that we speak at home might be different depending on where u live: Spanish, German, Mayan, Garifuna, Chinese, Hindu etc,etc Belize has a very mixed Culture but the one language that every true belizean must know(atleast a little) is Belizean Kreole!
    The spanish in belize is a lil different from mexico just like other spanish speaking countries are different from eachother. For example a lot of us dont roll our R’s in certain words like Tierra or Puerta. Where i live we have Spanish/Mayan words that ppl from others spanish speaking countries might not understand at all!

  2. A lot of spanish is spoken in Belize. It depends on where in Belize you are! Most of us belizeans are bilingual. Overall the spanish is the same but we rarely roll our tongues and have our own slang, just as in all latin american countries. If you don’t speak spanish, it is fine because we are an english speaking country but it does help to know atleast a few spanish phrases because there are parts of belize where english is almost non exsistent.


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