How should I tell her Mexican father, in Spanish, that we are dating?

All the other members of her family know, but we are going to talk with him tonight and let him know. What sort of things specifically should I say? Also this is in Mexico and in Spanish.


  1. DO NOT use the first answer unless you want to get killed.

    You need to be very respectful, Hispanic cultures are very old school when it comes to these things. And by respectful I mean saying ‘sir’ and ‘ma’m’ which in Spanish would be: Señor, Señora. Do not forget to say Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches and greetings of that sort. Handshakes are very important and also looking at people in the eye when you talk. A good illustration would be how a true old-fashioned Southern gentleman would act.

    Say something like:

    Yo quiero decirle que estoy interesado en su hija y respetuosamente pedirle su permiso/bendición para salir con ella y conocernos mejor. (I wanted to tell you that I am interested in your daughter and respectfully ask your permission/blessing to date her so we can get to know each other better.)

    It may seem weird to you to ask for ‘permission’ but trust me, it will really impress them that you respect them enough to ask.

    Saying nice things about her are always a plus:

    Su hija es una bella mujer tanto por dentro como por fuera. (Your daughter is a beautiful lady, both outside and inside)

    And in NO WAY display excessive PDA in front of him, not yet. That is considered disrespectful.

    Yeah, sure, there is a chance that this guy is more open minded, but why risk it?

  2. Wow lol the first answer is offensive and the 2nd is not too bad but he’s missing:

    quiero darle A saber que me gusta mucho su hija y quisiera pedir EL permiso de usted para salir con ella……
    or the last part could be said: pedirle permiso a usted para salir con ella.

    Nosotros hemos salido juntos porque nos queremos conocer mas = We are going out because we want to get to know each other more.

    Me interesa mucho su hija y es por eso que no me quiero apresurar.= I have an interest in your daughter and that’s why i want to take it slow

    Quiero que ella tambien tenga su espacio porque me interesa que ella sea feliz= I want her to have her own space also because i want her to be happy.

  3. Ok, first of all don’t listen to Jc J if you really want to talk to her father. If you speak spanish there is a good video on youtube called, Buenas noches don David, is about the first meeting with the father of the girl, is really good.

    ely fely

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