How to overcome a fear of anything Spanish/Mexican?

My ex-boyfriend was emotionally abusive to me, and he loved his Spanish class. He talked about everything Spanish: from language to culture and everything in between. (I took French). He would sometimes even talk in Spanish. Now, everytime I hear someone say anything Spanish or talk about the Spanish/Mexican culture, I freak out by thinking immediately about my ex-boyfriend. How can I overcome this?


  1. aww im so sorry, things like that happen to people they associate a bad experience with someone and try to get away from everything about that person
    just know his interests didnt ahve anything to do with why he abused you

  2. Volunteer to teach English in a Central/South American country for a few months. You’ll learn to love the people, culture and language, and whenever Spanish comes up, you’ll longingly think of that country. 🙂

    Or if you want to do something less committal, you could try and replace ex-boyfriend memories with new memories that you are reminded of when Spanish comes up. Go latin dancing and pick up a Latin Lover. Then Spanish will give you good memories:)

  3. You need to rewrite your association. Find a way, even if it is emotionally stressful for awhile, to associate the spanish culture with someone or something else. Take a trip to Spain or Mexico (obviously not right now with the current outbreaks), but this may help you associate the spanish culture with something else.


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