How to say I speak broken spanish in mexican spanish?

They always ask " you don’t speak spanish" in spanish I can understand most spanish. so I want to say after this " I speak broken spanish, I’m sorry, I have just arrived."


  1. Just say "No hablo español."

    Or "No español."

    Translating what you said, it would be "No hablo el español muy bien, disculpe, estoy recién llegado/llegada [male/female]."

    You don’t have to say this, however. They’ll notice that you don’t speak Spanish, when they see you not talking Spanish.

    Don’t feel bad about it. That’s just who you are. Learn to accept yourself.

    The Royal Surge
  2. Your response to "¿No hablas español?" (You don’t speak spanish?) Could be.
    You hablo un poco, (I speak some).
    Perdóneme, pero acabo de llegar. (Pardon me, but I just arrived)

    Mike T.

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