How to speak Spanish like a true Mexican?

Not asking hot so speak Spanish fluently.
I’m asking how to speak Spanish like a Mexican person would.
For example you’re crazy. "Tu esta loca" or "esta loca"
But a true Mexican would say "Ta loca"

I hope you understand what I’m trying to get at, apologies for offending anybody.

What other general Spanish phrases are there and how would a true Mexican say it?


  1. It’s "esta loca." I know you got this from George Lopez because I’ve seen the same question asked a lot with the same phrase. lol. He just leaves the "es" off, but that’s still what it is.

    Once you learn the words, you get used to pronouncing them in strings with other words. The more comfortable you are, the more leeway you have. Just like in English, you put more emphasis on certain syllables and words depending on the sentence. It’s the same for every language. In writing, it’s the same as you learned it in school.

  2. Ta loca makes no sense.

    "Tú está loca" is odd. You have the informal tú partnered with the formal está.

    Someone has been lying to you about Mexican dialect.

  3. I’m mexican, and I can tell you something, you’re crazy with mexican slang could be… “‘Ta loca” Yes, I know the guy above tell you “that phrase makes no sense”, BUT is a phrase commonly used in this country also you can say “Está chiflada” or “Se le safó un tornillo”. Now I think about it, I noticed that there is so many ways to say the phrase “you’re crazy” with mexican slang…

    Btw, if you want to say “está loca” using “you”, you need to say “Usted está loca”.

    You use “usted” when you don’t know the person who you’re speaking.

    Btw, sorry for my english skills, but I’m still student. (I have two months studying english)


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