How to speak Spanish more fluently?

I have been taking Spanish all 4 years of high school and am currently in Spanish 5. I thought that when I got to this level I would be able to speak the language really well, but honestly I can only speak really basic spanish. I really want to improve but it is so hard for me to speak because I start to stumble on words and it’s like I can’t think fast enough.
I really want to improve but I just don’t think languages are my thing. Any ideas?


  1. Do you live in an area with many Hispanics or Latinos? I live in a predominantly Latino area, so it would be easy for anyone to learn Spanish.

    If you do know some fluent Spanish speakers, then practice with them. Have them talk to you and you talk to them in Spanish, and have them help you when you don’t know or understand a word.

    One of the best ways to learn a language is to travel to the country that language is mainly spoken in. Ever considered going to Spain? My school has trips they organize for everyone interested and they cover places in Europe for about two weeks. That’s definitely a good way to learn a language. You get to hear it spoken regularly everyday.

    Another quick way to learn is listening to music in Spanish. It might be annoying at first listening to someone and having no idea what they’re saying (ha, ha) so while you’re listening to them, read the lyrics at the same time and try to understand what they are saying. If you can’t figure it out, get the translation and next time you listen and read that song, you’ll know what the song’s about. And focus on the accent. Listen to how they say the words, and you’re guaranteed to catch on fast.

    Ashley S
  2. I had the same problem, what you need to do, if you dont want to hire a tutor, is to start listening to it more. watch spanish sesame street or the news so your ears and mind can get more adjusted to the sounds.

    zoe k
  3. Alright, I’m spanish, I moved to the US 5 years ago or so. I’ve pretty much learned english in high school, even though my english still sucks and stuff I can speak it really fluently.
    You should get some spanish friends and stuff.
    if you really want to learn to speak it fluently you have to be in an involvement where everyone speaks spanish, even if you don’t understand everything they say or you don’t don’t know exactly how to reply its helping you a lot by just listening to them speaking.

  4. Get a tutor or ask the teacher if he/she could help you. I speak french, but I can’t speak fluently so i went in after school and when i took tests i was better and she knew i was trying and was easier on me!!!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Ideas:
    Listen to pronunciation by watching programs or the news on a Spanish TV channel / radio / videos / cassettes.

    Study/Practice Speaking More:
    Is it possible to ask someone from your class to be a sort of study partner or ask those in your class if they’d like to have a study group so that you can practice speaking Spanish?

    Try writing nothing but Spanish (anything) and read it to yourself or write a story and read it out loud.


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