How well should you speak Spanish to teach it?

I’m a non-native. I have a pretty advanced level and understanding of grammar, but I make lots of careless mistakes. I don’t talk as fast as some people, but I can communicate well, really love the language and I would love to show others how to speak it. I have this fear about a student speaking better than I can. Would I make a good teacher?


  1. You could be a good teacher. But knowing the language is NOT enough. Exactly as it is not enough to be an native English speaker to teach English. In fact… I think untrainned native speakers are bad teachers.
    If you can get into a teacher’s course, you’ll learn what it takes to teach Spanish. And to get experience, you should start teaching to beginners. That way you’ll feel more confident about the difference between your level and their level.

    Nat's Javier
  2. Yes!!! The careless mistake things is a no biggy because even in English we do that and as you teach you might get better lol! If you know the grammar well but are advanced and can communicate, you should be fine. The fast thing who cares my dad is from Panama and he speaks slow well normal should I say! Go ahead you will make a great teacher!!!!!

    PS: The Spanish teacher at our school isn’t Spanish either!

    ♥ Chick ♥

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