I am a Mexican living in Mexico and i would like to become a resident of Canada, how do i do it?

I speak english fluently, I have a high school education from the US and i have enough money for college tuition and housing. I am 19 years old as well. What is the probabilty I will be able to study in canada then become a permanent resident? And how do I start the process?


  1. If you have been accepted at a university, then you can apply for a student visa. Generally speaking, student visas are not immigration-class visas and students are required to return to their home countries upon completion or termination of studies.

    If you want to stay permanently and get residence, you must apply for immigration. Canada operates on a points system. The Immigration Canada website has a test online so you can determine whether you might have enough points to apply for immigration. Without a university degree, it is unlikely you can accumulate enough points to apply. Also, having enough points to apply does not mean your application will be approved. And the line-up for Canadian immigration (after approval of the application) is over 4 years now.

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