I am a piece of cr@p,I haven't gone to school, let alone, I can't speak well English, To boot, I am Mexican?

Is it true I can only be kind of a bricklawyer in the USA or a sewing cleaner

Pehaps it’ll be a better idea to lick some dude’s feet for money or wrestle utterly naked with another bloke in order to get some bucks.

What do you think about the stuff I’ve written?


  1. You have not gone to school; you do not speak well English, however your typing skills (in English) are more than good.

    When someone does not go to school and does not speak English well, logic tells me that he/she does not know how to write English either. But Look at you, you are typing sh**it like a pro.

  2. 1. You’re obviously trolling.
    2. You’re doing it badly.
    3. Trolls are either subtle to provoke thought.
    4. Or they are funny to provoke laughter.
    5. You are neither. (Except for bricklawyer and sewing cleaner, a little funny)

  3. Its not true, you can always work at some place and save up money to go to school somewhere, I’m sure some one can help you to at least get a G.E.D and help you speak English better. As far as I know, any one of any age can go to college.


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