I can speak Spanish reasonably well; how can I become fluent?

I am in Spanish 3 and can express many ideas in Spanish, and without having to think about it much. However, I want to do something outside of school that will help me become completely fluent. Do you know of any helpful software or websites I could use?


  1. rosetta stone and talk to friends in spanish

    thats how my teacher got good

    and she knows like 8 languages!

    she used rossetta stone and she cant forget anything now lol!

  2. Coming from someone who was in the same situation as you not to long ago—

    The best thing you can do is watch TV, DVD’s movies, etc. in spanish if you can. Its the best way to become fluent.

  3. You need to practice with people, there is no book or anything that will help you become fluent. You must converse with native speakers, do an exchange program and go live in a Spanish Speaking country for a while. That will help! Try meeting somebody online that speaks fluently or at school for practice.

  4. practice it all the time. Think in spanish. Do everything spanish. Eat spanish food lol jk. But go to a spanish resturant and order in spanish. Get ur family to speak with u. Btw our avatars are twins lol.

  5. I’d say that your best bet would be actually go to Spain. Speaking it there will be much more effective than learning it from a book or cassette. You could go to Spain in a gap year, or some courses can require you to spend time abroad.

  6. Honestly I’d say travel to a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time (6+ months) and you will pick up the language very quickly since you are forced to speak it. However if you cant do something that dramatic with your current lifestyle, I’d say try speaking to native speakers with a mic and webcam on the computer? Or you can look for online courses. But to get better at speaking, well, you gotta speak it. Good luck!

  7. Well, if you have relatives that speak spanish, then that would help. Also, my aunt suggested to me (because I was learning Spanish) that if I really wanted to learn Spanish, then I should try living in a Spanish speaking country for awhile. That should help. Also, since I know that there are places where mostly spanish speaking people are (such as stores) maybe you could go there and ask people questions.

    smart guy
  8. Immersion. The best way to learn Spanish quickly and improve your skills is through a study abroad program where you live in a Spanish speaking country.

    When you combine formal training through school and total immersion from living or traveling in a Spanish speaking country you will dramatically improve your fluency.

    David K
  9. hablan espanol con amigos o tu maestro/a y tu puede a usar una programa computadora para apprende idiomas

    so just go with the flow

    i speak 3 languages ad im 13 au revoir,adios and bye

    Matt G
  10. I know this might not be what you are looking for, but the BEST way to speak fluently is to live as a foreign-exchanged student in Spain, Mexico, or any other Spanish-speaking country and you will pick up on the language the fastest. Good luck, and if you really think this is a stupid idea then google a Spanish education website and see it that helps.

    Oooh and listen to Spanish music and watch Spanish television- you’ll be surprised at all the words you pick up! Just doing this made me realize…Yo hablo espanol bien!!!!!!


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