i desperately want to learn how to speak spanish?

i know that the best way is to go to a spanish speaking country. but thats not really an option for me right now because im 16. im taking spanish class at school but i want to be able to become fluent, hopefully within a few years or something. do you have any tips?? would memorizing pages out of a spanish dictionary be any good?? or no….lol.

thank you


  1. Spanish is my second language and I started studying it when I was very young. What really helps is if you expose yourself to the language all of the time, which is what I do with other languages that I study: Italian, French and Polish. Listen to music in Spanish. If you have lyrics to the songs that you are listening to, follow along. You will be able to hear the words being sung and see how they are written. Watch Spanish-language television channels, if you have any in your area. LIstening to artist interviews, even if you do not understand what they are saying in the songs, on television, or in interviews, it is still a good way to get accustomed to listening to Spanish being spoken.

  2. what other languages do you know? if you know a language i dont know, i could teach you spanish in exchange for you teaching me some other language.

    if not, the best way i find to learn another language, at least at first… is to watch childrens television in that language.

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  3. I’m not so sure about the dictionary idea, because it’s not really functional conversation. You can sign up at your local community college for spanish classes, as a high school concurrent enrollment student. Their language classes are usually quite a bit more in-depth. Also, most campuses have a language club based out of the class, so you’d have that support too. I’m not sure where exactly you’d find one, as I’m looking for one in French myself at the moment, but if you could get a pen pal in a Spanish speaking country, it would be a great mutual benefit.

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  4. Don’t be desperate. It takes years. If you can afford it, you can hire a native Spanish-speaking tutor to practice your conversation and help you with your grammar. Otherwise, many towns have Spanish clubs where people get together for Spanish conversation. In the summer you can probably sign up for Intermediate Spanish at your local community college. In the meantime, read books and magazines in Spanish, and watch movies and television shows in Spanish.


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