I dont speak spanish and i have moved to spain to continue in a spanish high school???

i moved to spain about a month ago and i will be finishing my high school here…and my parents are taking me to a spanish school and i dont speak spanish, the high school is opening very soon and every time i think about it my heart beats so fast!!! please give me some advice??


  1. Wow! You have a challenge! Get your hands on something like Rosetta Stone language course, keep a pocket dictionary with you at all times, ask at school if there is anyone who can translate for you for awhile, and pay very close attention to the words people speak. You WILL get through this–and in the process you WILL learn to speak Spanish quickly and fluently. There’s no better way. View this as an opportunity, not an impossibility, and later on you can look at any challenge and know you can do it!!! Buen suerte! (or something like that)

  2. They should be ok with their English but you will pick it up so quickly, you will understand it sooner than you can talk it but it won’t take you long. My boyfriend is German and when I sit with his family I can understand roughly what they are saying and I’ve only sat down with them a few times having known no German. Good luck though. I’m sure you will be fine.


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