I don’t speak Spanish! How do I support my child in a bilingual preschool program?

I’m placing my child in a preschool program that will teach him in Spanish for half the day. I don’t speak Spanish. How can I support what he learns at school at home?


  1. Ask the teacher if s/he will be able to provide a weekly summary of the subject matter taught (i.e. colours, animals, etc). You review it with your child at home and have her "teach" it to you. You child will like that. As well, ask the teacher if s/he can recommend books or any materials how you can support your child. Just because you don’t know the language, doesn’t mean you can’t review it with her and learn some as well.

  2. Have him bring his lessons home and then share them with him. Best lesson you can teach the child is how to share such things. And allowing him to feel important by being able to teach Mommy will be another of the most nurturing things you can do for him. The two of you will become bilingual together. Muy bueno, Mamacita!

  3. Great opportunity for you to learn too! Let him teach you. He is a good age to be learning a second language and will probably pick it up very quickly. Get words and spellings from the teacher, and correct pronunciation, but listen to him and let him be YOUR teacher. What a great way to support and encourage him.

    leslie b

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