I like a mexican girl. Would it be a turn on that I speak fluent spanish?

I speak spanish fluently and I like this mexican girl. She doesnt know I speak spanish.
Would it be a plus if she knew I was bilingual?



  1. yeah!
    just walk past her and "accidently" bump into something or drop something when ur near her, then say damn or summit in Spanish then like talk to urself in spanish going
    "how could i not see that"
    or something hopefully she’ll be like
    "You speak spanish?"
    it’ll be a good conversation starter and then u have something in common

    it wuld be a big turn-on for me!

    good luck!

    Laura M
  2. it doesnt matter she will like you if you are being you and not taking up spanish just cause of her. and to Ronny H that was completely uncalled for and i take offense to that. actually the hispanic i was with didn’t smell like that at all and i know it’s t.m.i. but she was the best tasting girl i have ever been with!!!


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