I like this girl but she doesn't speak English so how to quickly learn Spanish?

So theirs this girl who rides the same bus as me going to school and back and lives right around the corner and she is really pretty but the only thing is she doesn’t speak English and i don’t speak Spanish (though im taking classes i don’t know much of it). Some Mexican friends of mine offered to translate but i wouldn’t want to have someone translate for me for god knows how long so what would be the fastest way to learn a lot of Spanish?


  1. If you can afford it, I recommend the Pimsleur program. If you search around on the web, you can find pretty good discounts, but it’s still expensive. With Pimsleur, you learn how to converse in a foreign language pretty rapidly. They give you enough variation in sentence structure that it is pretty easy to add vocabulary and really improve your language ability.

    I have used their program to learn Spanish, Italian, German and a little Russian. It really works!

    If you can’t afford Pimsleur, see if your local library offers it or Rosetta Stone (a few years ago, our libraries offered Rosetta Stone for free to everybody with a library card). The new Rosetta Stone software is pretty good, but not as good as Pimsleur.

    Good luck!

  2. it depends on how well you learn languages.

    i’d advise you to check out a site that teaches you basic convos. like greetings and stuff. that’s always a good start.

    from there, you might wanna learn how to say "i want" and "i have" those sorts of phrases and some nouns to go along.

    then you can do conjugating verbs (always start with -ar) and go from there.

    that’s how i learned french and am currently learning spanish.

    if you have questions, message me cause id be glad to help!

    buena suerte con tu amor. (:

  3. I think you’re asking the wrong question. As far as I understand, your goal is to get to know her better and to do something fun together with her, and you seem to take it for granted you need a fairly solid common language for that. If you think that way, you’re very likely to be discouraged before you learn enough Spanish to feel comfortable with it. Rather, you should look for ways to have fun without a common language. Maybe you can play chess or some card game, or listen to music, or work out at the gym, or visit a museum, or fly a kite, or whatever both of you enjoy. Who knows, she might be happy to teach you Spanish if you ask her. That’d be the perfect excuse to spend time with her, and it’s also a very good way to learn.

    Good luck!

    Taneli H

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