I need some type of mexican or spanish plant on my wedding for guests to take home and plant. Ideas?


  1. How about aloe vera? It is a beautiful healing plant, long-lasting like your marriage. While it is not Mexican in origin, it is very widely used and appreciated there. It also has historical and religious significance.

  2. Try Bouganvilleas. They grow like weeds in warmer weather and come in a few different colors (mostly reds, pinks and yellows, but I’ve seen purple as well). They are a small, three petalled flower.

    Andrea M
  3. Mexican Heather sound appropriate.
    ebay has some at very low pricing and small sizes if you need a lot or maybe you can contact a local nursery or online nursery for buying.
    Heather, Mexican "Wine" (Cuphea), 4-6" Live Seedling
    EDITED:They’re South American in origin and they were named in honour of the French explorer, Louis Antoine de Bougainville of France

  4. The Spanish Bluebell (Hyacinthoides hispanica) native to the deciduous woods of Spain, is beautiful & can grow in zones 3-8:

    Spanish Bluebell are also called: ‘Wood Hyacinths’. Here’s a discussion about them:

    The Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico. the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala are considered the home of origin for today’s dahlia ancestors. From the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain, dahlia seeds and tubers were soon sent throughout western Europe.

    Good Luck & Best wishes on your wedding!

  5. Fresh Oregeno..It is extremely popular in mexican cooking and part of the spanish culture..It will grow for people inside on a kitchen window sill and can be used to cook….As well…One oregeno plant that is heathy parts easily when you trnasplant it..You can turn 1 good size plant into 4 seperate ones..no green thumb needed…just don’t overwtater

  6. a small pot with Mexican Heather in the front spilling out of the pot…and some cilantro in the back of the pot – since it grows tall. Both grow fast…good luck


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