I speak spanish and english and want to know how hard it will be to learn french?

i have lots of time, i want to jion the french foreign legion and wanna know how long it will take or the best way to start.


  1. hola, supongo que me entiendes, el frances y el español no se parecen, como a dicho alguno,es mas diria que es mas parecido al ingles, pero lo importante es que si tienes tiempo y ganas creo que podras aprender frances no facilmente, porque aprender otros idiomas nunca es sencillo, pero si mas rapido que otra persona que al contrario que tu no sea bilingüe.

    te deseo mucha suerte, yo que tu me animaria a aprender frances.

  2. Spanish will help you a lot with French. It’ll take about 2 years, I don’t know, it depends on how many hours and how much do you study.

  3. I’m pretty sure it won’t be that hard for you to learn French. I only knew English when I started learning French, and it wasn’t super hard for me. You just gotta learn the basics first. And the rest will be easier.

  4. Since you already speak Spanish, French and Spanish are pretty much similar in some ways. English is my first language and French is my second, and Spanish is my third. How long it will take to learn a new language is all determined on the time and energy you focus on to learn a new language. It takes practice, but incorporating a little bit that you learn each can help. I’ve been speaking French for quite some time now, and I would say that my level of French is 6/10, usually because I’m to lazy to conjugate properly or have grammatical issues every now and then. It all depends

    Dimitri R

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