I speak spanish and english should I try to learn another language?

Well, like I said, I already speak two languages and I think I want to learn another one. Maybe italian or Japanese or somthing.

But would there be any benifits in learning a third language?


  1. The more languages you can speak well the more desirable you are for employers but all in all knowing more than one languages or even multiple languages is a great skill to have. Japanese is probably an important one to be learning.

  2. I think you should 🙂

    Italian would be the obvious choice, since it’s a Romance language like Spanish. Another language you could try is French (also Romance and with similarities to English). But if you want to be daring I say go for Japanese. Why not Arabic? That’s a real challenge (both the sounds and script are different (well so is Japanese…)).

    Or really daring: try the American Indian languages where whole sentences can be expressed in words consisting of 10 – 15 seperate morphemes!


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