1. Well, the official language of Mexico is Spanish. Just like if you go to Canada you are not speaking Canadian you either speak English or French. Granted there are words that vary in meaning depending on what part of the Spanish speaking nation you go to but if you use proper Spanish you shouldn’t run into that problem too often as people will understand what you are talking about. Sorry, but no such thing as speaking Mexican.

    I want to give Allan a thumbs up! There are in fact a variety of different indigenous languages in Mexico. But still no one speaks Mexican.

    Raquel S
  2. as above poster said, mexicans speak spanish, just like british people speak english.., their spanish has different slangs and what not, and even state to state in mexico, people sound diferently, just like a texan sounds nothing like a new yorker, a person from veracruz sounds nothing like someone from zacatecas, or someone from michoacan doesnt sound like a person from Mexico DF (mexico city)


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