I want to become 100% fluent in LATIN AMERICAN spanish. What is the best online course to buy?

Traveling to a spanish country is not a option. But what is the best course or courses combination to help me reach proficiency? (And yes i will be able to get my conversing in with natives … im asking for actual courses like between tell me more, rocket spanish, synergy spanish, rosetta stone, instant immersion, ect ect….whats the best one to help me become TOTALLY fluent?


  1. I don’t know about those other programs, but I tried rosetta stone for Spanish. It does not have any translation, grammar, or conjugation instructions so it will be very difficult to go beyond the basics with it. It is good for the basics as it is pure memorization. There is no way to be fluent with it. Their program is based on the same thing where you see these 4 pictures over and over again. I was disappointed especially for the price I paid.

    So I did some research and found some programs that were cheaper than Rosetta and I got to try it before I bought it. I was learning full sentences in the first 15 minutes. I have learned more using the Visual Link system in a week than I did in a couple of months using Rosetta.

    Here is a link. Check it out for yourself. Good Luck.


  2. studyspanish.com…………………
    free! and plenty effective. the way you commit yourself to learning a new language is all that really makes a difference no hay que usar fancy courseeess que cost lots of moneyy

    sandra dee
  3. http://www.webspanish.com is one of the leading sites for online Spanish instruction and caters to students of all levels. Based out of Lima, Peru, the teachers are all native speakers (the majority are Peruvian) and available to cater to your needs. All the classes are one-on-one so you are sure to progress fast and if you commit, you can become totally fluent. Please check out the website! You can take a trial class for $5.00 and see if you like it. Also, check out our complementary mini-lessons on spanish-lessons.webspanish.com, they are free, fun and practical.

    Becca T

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