I want to speak mexican?

Where can I learn to speak mexican? I would prefer not to cross the border.
Hehe…I like how you guys are taking this question seriously =)


  1. There is no such language as "Mexican". They speak Spanish in Mexico. You can learn by taking classes in almost any school, online, tapes/CDs, PBS courses, And there are many Spanish speaking people that you could practice with.

  2. I am Aussie and I even know the Mexican language is not called mexican….dude its Spanish!! Go get some Spanish tapes, asking where you could go to learn a language is hard for us to answer cos none of us would have a clue where the hell you are!!!

    iggy rocks
  3. Lol, mexican isn’t a language.

    Do you want to learn Mexican Spanish?? Because every Spanish-speaking country has a different dialect and different words that they use.


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