I want to visit Spain but I only speak Mexican/US Spanish. Will I be understood?

We were taught specifically to NOT learn the vosotros forms because we would probably never use them. Now I want to visit Spain but I am not sure if I will be able to understand them.


  1. Yes, aside from the accent, there are only a few minor differences. For example juice in Mexico = el jugo but in Spain they say el zumo (lisping, pronounced el thumo). Things like that have a way of working themselves out. You’ll get a long just fine, just like lots of other people that speak latin american spanish hand have either traveled in Spain, or moved there!

  2. Of course you will. It is similar when an American and Briton talk to each other, there maybe different words they use or how they may say something. The Spanish Castillians use the formal a lot more than Latin American Spanish. Like others said, just lisp when you speak. This is only for words that contain a soft c, or z. Corozon sounds like cora-thone, and gracias like grathias. My suggestion is find the Pedro Almodovar film "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" and listen to the way they speak.


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