I work a county in California, and some of my co-workers will speak Spanish to eachother….?

Most of my other co-workers and I do not speak Spanish, so we often times have no idea what is being discussed. My non-Spanish speaking co-workers have told me they believe it’s very rude when they do it, and I’ve been the only one to ask them to speak English when they’re around non-Spanish speaking employees so we can understand. It happens pretty frequently, and it makes me and others feel alienated. Is there a state (California) or federal law regarding this issue?


  1. No mate, because of your first US constitution, freedom of speech. You should all get them back by speaking in a lingo they don’t understand. If they wine tell them to speak in English so you all can understand.

  2. Speak to your boss about what these people are doing, have others who feel the same way to mention it as well, if the boss talking to them doesnt get them to stop, then maybe they dont deserve the jobs they have if they cant respect what there boss asks of them.

  3. English should be the only language used in this country for things like government forms, school lessons, etc. If I were to move to China, I would not expect the Chinese government to print things in English just for me.

    That being said, people are free to speak to each other in any language they please. You could start using code with your buddies and that would be perfectly OK – weird- but OK. Most HR policies support the right to use native language in common areas. Employees are only required to use English when performing their job.


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